IT'S A LOVE STORYThe Passero’s story begins back in the spring of 1990, as I (Jeff Lincoln) was having brunch with Linda Passero (Passero means Sparrow in Italian) and her father Bob in Philadelphia. You see, I had fallen in love with this Jersey girl (Linda) a few months earlier and my plan, upon graduation with my MBA from Cal Poly SLO, was to move out east and start a business. I had watched the first coffee bars open when I worked in downtown San Francisco and thought that maybe this was the right business to bring east. I ended up focusing my final MBA project on the emerging specialty coffee industry in San Francisco and graduated with my business plan in hand. I moved out to the Philadelphia area in July and immediately started looking for a retail shop in Center City. Our first shop was a 132 sq ft space, cut out of a pizza shop, located in Suburban Train Station. We were a hit from day one as we began to introduce fresh-brewed, to-go specialty coffee to Philadelphia’s commuters. We were Philly’s First Coffee Bar!

COMMUNITY Passero’s is all about people and building community. Our current staff stands on the shoulders of the many dedicated employees who helped build Passero’s into a company known for friendly and fast customer service. We strive to build connections with our customers, letting the energy flow back and forth across the counter. We love coffee but it is our customers who make our jobs fun and worthwhile. Retail is a very tough business. Everyday you must re-prove yourself. If you let things go, you will lose customers. To stay on top takes a lot of effort and intention. Passero’s strives to be the best coffee shop in Philadelphia (this has been our company philosophy since 1990)!

ROASTING As we have ventured into roasting, our passion and respect for coffee has only grown. When you realize that “100 hands” have touched these beans, you can’t help but become humbled by the hard work of these dedicated growers, pickers, processors and importers. As a roaster, it is our responsibility to take these high-quality green beans and bring out the very best of the beans’ flavor, nuances and characteristics. Our Roasting and Cupping Lab is located at The Loom, a 100 year old building in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. Our Head Coffee Roaster, Frank Cianciulli, has a long passion for coffee which grew over the 12 years he worked, mostly as manager, at our Suburban Station shop from 1994 to 2006. In 2006, Frank began roasting coffee for Fonseca Coffee Roasters. He brings to Passero’s, a passion for great tasting coffee and a talent for roasting as an artist.

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