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Tanzanian - Peaberry - APK Estate

This Tanzanian is one of our favorite coffees. It is a more full-body coffee with sweet apricot, raspberry & caramel. This is a wonderfully sweet and fruity coffee that is balanced with more body giving you a lingering mouthful.

Lyamungo is one of only four farms that make up the APK Estate in the shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro. The higher the growing elevation, the longer the growing and ripening period. This allows for more complex flavors to develop. This is one of our favorites!

Peaberry refers to coffees that only have one bean in each coffee berry. The urban legend is that since there is only one bean in the berry, there is more flavor in these coffees. With this Tanzanian, it is hard to argue with that legend.

Roast: Medium-Dark
Process: Fully washed
Varietals: Kents, Bourbon, N39
Growing elevations: 4,300 feet
Harvest: July-October